Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create an account?

You will need an access code to register

What happens if my access code does not work?   

Please conatct our customer service department

Can I create multiple accounts with the same access code?

No, the access code is for one account

How do I log in?        

On the right top corner you will find the login option

What happened if I forget my password?    

There is a forgot your password option

Is there a reservation history?

Yes, its under your profile option



How do I book a vacation rental?

Type a destination desire and tentative dates for the options

What type of bookings are available?         

Week stays, 3 Night Stays, 4 Night Stays

How can I see if a rental is still available?

This will appear on the selected resort

Can I hold a unit?      

Yes, you have the option to hold a unit for 24 hours

Are there specific arrival and departure dates specified for properties? 

All of our inventory are week stay

Is there a minimum stay?     

No, you can request a late check in or a early departure

Can I book multiple units in the same complex?     

This will depend on the resort, most have a rule

Can I book unit for my family?         

Yes, you can book as many units as desire

Can I modify the number of total guests allowed on the property?          

No, the booking applies for the guest allowed

How do I modify or cancel my booking?      

All bookings are final

What is the cancellation policy of my booking?      

All bookings are final

Can I cancel once I arrive to the property, if I spot something wrong?     

You can cancel the reservation with no refund as all reservations are final sale

Are there flexible dates search option?       

Yes, you can search the dates of your choosing

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my booking?    

Our reservation department



Which payment methods can I use to pay my vacation rental?     

All booking payments have to be paid with a credit/debit card

When do I need to pay for my booking?      

At the time of booking

Are there any extra charges to pay?

No, some resort have mandatory fees that need to be paid at the check in

What is a deposit and when can I get it back?        

This depends on each resort.

Are the booking prices negotiable? 


Do you offer discounts?        


Are my payment details secure?      




How can I get in touch with customer support?      

We have a customer service department.  Please submit your request through the website

After booking who should I contact if I have further questions?    

Our Reservation Department.  On your booking confirmation, the phone number to call is specified.

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